Mark Daniel Cohen

Mark Daniel Cohen, Professor of Philosophy at The European Graduate School / EGS.


Mark Daniel Cohen is an art writer and essayist. He is a professor of philosophy at The European Graduate School / EGS, where he also serves as chief loan officer and assistant dean of the Division of Philosophy, Art and Critical Thought. In addition, Cohen is one of the founding editors of the journal and Contra Mundum Press, an academic publishing house.

Cohen’s academic background is diverse. From 1969–1973, he studied at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, where he graduated with distinction, obtaining a Bachelor of Arts in English. He then attended the post-graduate English program at the University of Wisconsin until 1975. In 1995, after a long business career, Mark returned to school, obtaining his Master of Arts from New York University with a thesis titled, . The core of his thesis proposes that Nietzsche’s philosophy was influenced by the physics of his time, most particularly by field theory, and predicts several key developments in twentieth and twenty-first century physics, including Einstein’s special theory of relativity, quantum mechanics, corpuscular theories of space and time, and certain aspects of loop quantum gravity. In 2003, Mark began his PhD studies at The European Graduate School / EGS.

Mark Daniel Cohen frequently collaborates with Dr. Friedrich Ulfers, former dean of the Media and Communication Division at The EGS and Professor of German at New York University. Currently, they are preparing a book on Friedrich Nietzsche’s ontology and the Eternal Recurrence of the Same viewed from a scientific perspective. Together, they have recently published several essays on the topic, including: “Zarathustra, the Moment, and Eternal Recurrence of the Same: Nietzsche’s Ontology of Time,” which appears in the volume edited by James Luchte; “Nietzsche’s Amor Fati: The Embracing of an Undecided Fate,” published on the website of the Nietzsche Circle; “Friedrich Nietzsche as a Bridge from 19th Century Atomistic Science to the Process Philosophy of 20th Century Physics, Literature, and Ethics”; “Nietzsche's Ontological Roots in Goethe's Classicism,” which appears in the volume , edited by Paul Bishop; “Nietzsche's ‘Postmodernism’: A Return to ‘Classicism’’; and “The Effect of Nietzsche's Aesthetics on the Art of the Twentieth Century.”

As a freelance author, Mark Daniel Cohen writes regularly on art in New York City. He has published over 400 articles, reviews, and essays on contemporary art and aesthetics for a variety of, both academic and commercial, art exhibition catalogs and journals. He is also an international educator and a faculty member at The European Graduate School / EGS, where he teaches an intensive summer workshop in academic writing. Cohen also served as the Coordinator of Graduate Studies for The EGS from 2004 to 2006. Previously, he was the director of the Drew Semester on Contemporary Art and an adjunct lecturer of art at Drew University in Madison, N.J., from 2000 to 2004. As well, Mark Daniel Cohen has been a guest seminar leader and lecturer at a variety of art schools and universities, including Yale University, Maryland Institute College of Art (Baltimore), Drew University, and Syracuse University.

Among Mark Daniel Cohen’s recent publications are several books, including Coarctate: Antigone's Return and Selected PoemsIlan Averbuch: Public Projects,and The Judenporzellan of Izhar Patkin.  He has also contributed chapters to Chawky Frenn: Art for Life's Sake, Abstraction in the Elements, The Archeology of the Soul, and the second edition of Dictionary of the Avant Gardes, edited by Richard Kostelanetz. He is currently working on several volumes, including Treatise on Poetic Reason.