Information on EGS Open Webinars vs. EGS Online Courses

Some of you may be curious about the format of an EGS Open Webinar and how it compares to our upcoming Online Courses in the summer.


EGS Open Webinars are open to registrants all over the world, so users do not need to be enrolled as an MA or PhD candidate at EGS. 

Since numbers for Webinars will range in the hundreds, users will only be able to see professors and possibly a panelist or two who will serve as a reference point for the speaker. 

If you have questions during Webinars, you may submit them via the Q&A board. These will be compiled and given to professors during breaks and endings of sessions, so a professor can address some of these during subsequent classes, or during the final Q&A day, which is reserved for the last day of each Webinar.  

Please note that our upcoming seminar (May 11-13) has been instituted partly for the purpose of testing our online platform and experimenting with it.  We may make adjustments as we proceed.  In fact, the number of registrations has already exceeded our Webinar capacity, so we will be live-streaming the seminar on our official YouTube channel.  Registrants joining us by YouTube will still have access to course materials and can submit questions via e-mail. Their experience should be the same as that of the first 100 who signed up for the Webinar.  Registration for the event remains open.

Also, at the end of the seminar, registrants will receive a message requesting responses and impressions.  We will take account of these responses in our preparation of future events.


During the upcoming EGS Summer Session, courses will be conducted in Zoom Meetings. This means you’ll be able to see one another, and this may be the format some of you are more familiar from jobs and recorded events posted on YouTube and other platforms. 

All online courses will begin with your microphones muted. They will be unmuted towards the latter part of lectures in larger classrooms (over 30) and made available to be unmuted in smaller classrooms throughout the class session. 

If you are in a smaller course where microphones are unmuted throughout class, please be aware to only unmute yourselves during opportunities to speak, either by posting your question to the group chat or notifying an administrator. 

For online courses, you’ll have the option to turn your camera on or off, but be mindful that all participants can view you unless you disable your camera. 

If you’d like the experience of being online, please consider registering for one of our EGS Open Webinars (see below). 

To enroll as an MA or PhD student for this coming summer, or sign up for individual courses as a non-matriculated student, please contact or



For those of you who are registered for the upcoming, free, EGS Open Webinar — “Antigone” with Professor Christopher Fynsk, please be aware that we have over 200 students registered at this point, so the course will not be housed in a Zoom meeting — like some of you may be used to — but a Zoom Webinar and a Live YouTube stream for registrants past the first 100 registered users.

During the upcoming EGS Summer Session, courses will be conducted in Zoom Meetings. This means you’ll be able to see one another, and this may be the format some of you are more familiar. 

However, EGS Open Seminars are a testing ground, and, as such, open to the entire world. To maintain a healthy stream and prevent distraction, cameras and audio will not be engaged for our 200+ users during these sessions. We will have two panelists/assistants online, along with the professor who can be seen and help with fielding questions, which all users can submit via the Q&A function in Zoom Webinars. 

For more information on the course and to register, click here