Academic Writing Workshop - Professor Mark Cohen

This annual 1-credit workshop, taught by Professor Mark Daniel Cohen, takes place on one of the days off during each of the 2016 Spring/Summer sessions in the Division of Philosophy, Art and Critical Thought at The EGS. 

June session students can sign-up to attend the workshop on June 18th, 2016 and August session students, on August 14th, 2016. Students are encouraged to enroll as early as possible (places are limited) by writing to:

The Academic Writing Workshop is a one-day series of exercises designed to help students who have just begun thinking about their dissertations or MA theses. The objective is to work with material the student is considering for the upcoming paper and develop its argumentative structure such that the maximum effect is achieved in the shortest possible time - in other words, with the fewest wrong turns and dead ends during composition.It is a large objective for a one-day workshop. As a result, after the workshop students who participated will have continuing access to the instructor for additional consultation until they graduate.

(Image: Professor Mark Daniel Cohen, by Manuela Koelke).