Announcement: Public Evening Lectures in Valletta, Malta

The following Public Evening Lectures will take place at Fort St. Elmo in Valletta, Malta, at 8 pm. These lectures are free and open to the public! 

April 3rd: Geert Lovink (Amsterdam): "Politics of the Online Self: From Selfies to Mask Design", 8pm

April 6th: Hubertus von Amelunxen (Berlin): "La Soupe de Daguerre or How the Ends Touch the Beginnings", 8pm

April 8th: Christopher Fynsk (Pittsburgh/New York): "Autonomy and Academic Freedom: The State of Contemporary Higher Education", 8pm

April 9th Patrícia Vieira (Georgetown): "Multibiologism and Interspecies Relations", 1pm

April 9th: Stefan Sorgner (Rome): "Non-Duality, Art, and Posthuman Studies", 8pm

April 11th: Anthony McCall (New York): "Solid Light, Dark Rooms", 8pm

A public concert with Gilles Colliard will take place at the St. James Cavalier Cultural Center on Tuesday, April 11th, at 3.30pm, Studio B. Also, an exhibition by Anthony McCall: "Lines Describing a Cone", at Fort St. Elmo. 

For more information, write to the Dean's Assistant: 

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