August 2019 Public Evening Lecture Schedule is live!

 August Evening Lecture Schedule / Start time: 8.30pm / Place: Steinmatte 

August 8th - Robert Brewer Young: "Craft Activism and Music Between the Notes"

August 9th - Peter Szendy: "The Image in the Age of its General Exchangeability"

August 10th - Branislav Jakovljević: "How Do We Get Out of the Provinces?: Radomir Konstantinovic's The Philosophy of Parochialism"

August 13th - Karen Barad: "After the End of the World: Entangled Nuclear Colonialism, Matters of Force, and the Material Force of Justice"

August 16th - Screening of "City of the Sun" and Q&A with its Director, Rati Oneli

August 17th - Elie During: "Supertime! The Anthropology and Philosophy of Supernatural Time"

August 18th - Terry Smith - "Exhibitionary Times: Art Against Spectacle"

August 20th - Slavimir Stojanović Futro: "From Here to Irony and Back"

August 21st - Catherine Malabou: "Philosophy and the Outside" (A Decolonial Reading of Foucault's The Thought From Outside)"

August 22nd - Siegfried Zielinski: "Artificial Extelligence: Transformation and Projection - Alchemy as a Method & Form of Thinking/Creating"

August 23rd - Christopher Fynsk

August 24th - Rick Alverson and Caveh Zahedi: "Cinematic Autobiography"

*Evening Lecture dates are subject to change, for daily updates please check the posting on The EGS Office front door, or check back this webpage. 


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