Autonomy and Academic Freedom: Forthcoming Essay by Christopher Fynsk

Read an excerpt from Christopher Fynsk's forthcoming essay, "Autonomy and Academic Freedom," in which he describes his understanding of the principles behind the radically cross-disciplinary curriculum of the PACT Division of the European Graduate School.

The full version of Professor Fynsk's essay appears in 'What is education?", an anthology with contributions from Hubertus von Ameluxen, Wendy Brown, Henrik Jøker Bjerre, Mladen Dolar, Elie During, Steen Ebbesen, Christopher Fynsk, Kirsten Hydgaard, Steen Nepper Larsen, Siegfried Zielinski and edited by Anton Bech Jørgensen, Jakob J. Justesen, Nana Bech, Niels Nykrog, and Rasmus Bro. The anthology will become available to order for free in September, 2017. For further information, visit: