Digital Design, Architecture and Urbanism - Important Update

In 2016, the Division of Philosophy, Art, and Critical Thought will devote one of its groups in the June session (June 11 to July 3) to the areas of Digital Design and Architecture and Urbanism.  This format will allow second-year PhD students in these fields to complete their seminar studies in their degree program before moving on to their PhD thesis under the direction of one of the EGS faculty from their field of concentration.  Six faculty from the relevant fields will be present in Saas Fee in June.

The June session will also provide a venue for first-year PhD students in these areas, as well as MA students seeking to concentrate their studies in them.  First-year students, however, will be joining the PACT cadre of students in the new degree programs in “Philosophy, Art, and Social Thought,” or “Literary, Musical, and Visual Thought.”  The PACT Division will no longer be admitting new students to the separate PhD degree streams in Digital Design and Architecture and Urbanism.

What this means is that the PACT Division is folding digital studies and architecture into its core PACT programs, thereby offering students in these areas the same cross-disciplinary exposure enjoyed by other PACT students working in the various fields of critical theory or in the arts.  Their seminar training will thus become inherently cross-disciplinary, rather than organized under the umbrellas of the fields named in the two separate PhD streams.  (They can, of course, undertake concentrated study in an area such as digital design in the work they devote to their MA and/or PhD theses with faculty who are specialists in their fields.)   In undertaking this reorganization, we also seek to make inquiry relating to digital theory an integral part of our core program.  We feel that advanced study relating to digital thinking or related practices should not be an isolated endeavour at the EGS, but should rather inform the broader conversation undertaken in Saas Fee and Malta and be part of every student’s course of study.

We have begun working with faculty from the Digital Design and Architecture and Urbanism programs to define how we can best undertake this integration.  The June session will, in fact, be partly devoted to a continuation of this conversation.  Again, our aim is to make studies relating to the digital turn in modern thought and practice a core part of the PACT curriculum.   The schedule and curriculum for this session will be available shortly.

Any students with questions should not hesitate to contact the Dean, Christopher Fynsk↗, or the Director of Admissions, Sarah Hannis↗,