October Evening Lecture Schedule

October Evening Lecture Schedule / Start time: 8.30pm / Place: National Library of Malta

Sunday, October 7th, 2018— Fred Moten (a lecture via Skype) 

Monday, October 8th, 2018— Manthia Diawara: The World Seen from the Eye of the Archipelago

Tuesday, October 9th, 2018— Caveh Zahedi: The Show About the Show (a lecture via Skype) 

Thursday, October 11th, 2018— Claire Denis and Jean-Luc Nancy: Filmic Thought

Friday, October 12th, 2018— Judith Butler: Gender in Translation: Beyond Monolingualism

Monday, October 15th, 2018— Lev Manovich: Artificial Intelligence & Future of Culture

Tuesday, October 16th, 2018— Chaker Khazaal: Arts and Refugees

Friday, October 19th, 2018— Achille Mbembe: The Idea of a World Without Borders

Saturday, October 20th, 2018— Sarah Nuttall: Early Century Oceanic Narratives: Cyclone, Sea, Island

Tuesday, October 23rd, 2018— Robert Brewer Young: Euclid in Valletta

Wednesday, October 24th, 2018— Elie During: Philosophy in zero-G

Saturday, October 27th, 2018— Thomas Keenan: How to Make a Refugee

Sunday, October 28th, 2018— Avital Ronell: Abandonment

Members of the public who would like to attend EGS' Public Evening Lectures at the National Gallery of Malta should register using the following form. EGS Students do not need to register. 

*Evening Lecture dates are subject to change, for daily updates please check this page.