Third Annual Science Colloquium: June 22nd, 2019

The Third Annual Science Colloquium / Open to the Public / June 22, 2019 @10am / Place: Steinmatte, Saas-Fee 

The June session features, in addition to the scheduled seminars, our third "science colloquium,"  devoted this year to the topic of time.  The event will be prepared by a seminar and evening lecture related to the topic by Elie During.  Sha Xin Wei will then follow the colloquium with a seminar devoted to "The Arts of Time."  (Students thus have the opportunity of concentrating on this theme of time, if they so choose.)  The collloquium itself will involve the participation of four faculty:  Christopher Fynsk, Benjamin Bratton, Elie During, and Sha Xin Wei.  We will also be joined by the eminent philosopher and mathematician, Jean-Michel Salanskis.  This is a special opportunity for the company of students and professors in residence to come together in joint discussion and thinking.  It is also open to visitors, who should register in advance.

The EGS "science colloquium" has been distinguished by the rich cross-disciplinary character of the discussion.  Once again, we will take inspiration from a distinguished voice and seek an open approach to a challenging and vital theme.

The June session will involve a limited company of students who will enjoy special contact with the thinkers and artists assembled.  It should be a memorable occasion for everyone.

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