The EGS Debut in Valletta, Malta

The Spring Session in Valletta was a tremendous, inspiring beginning for The EGS in Malta. Seminars were led by Professors Judith Butler, Christopher Fynsk, Avital Ronell, Benjamin H. Bratton, Elie During, Alfredo Jaar, Victor Burgin and Siegfried Zielinski. There were also lectures held by Hubertus von Amelunxen, Philippe Beck, Melinda Ashley Meyer, and a colloquium with Carmel Borg, Peter Mayo, and Kenneth Wain. Students, who had come from all over the world as well as from Malta, marched down each day to the 16th century Fort St. Elmo — at the edge of the Mediterranean, to meet minds with scholars, artists and public intellectuals at the forefront of Philosophy, Art and Critical Thought.

Below is a short video where students discuss The EGS inaugural session in Malta:

The EGS in Malta