Workshop in Singapore "poetry, philosophy, politics : on art & education" April 24-25, 2017

poetry, philosophy, politics :
on art & education

a workshop
24-25 April, 2017


The poet, irremediably split between exaltation and vulgarity, between the autonomy that produces the concept within intuition and the foolish earthly being, functions as a contaminant for philosophy — a being who at least since Plato, has been trying to read and master an eviction notice served by philosophy. The poet as genius continues to threaten and fascinate, menacing the philosopher with the beyond of knowledge. Philosophy cringes.
– Avital Ronell


And considering the notion that the philosopher is the lover of wisdom, we might begin to ask ourselves why one lover is warning against another — if the philosopher is in love with wisdom, then is the poet perhaps his rival, his challenger, for that very love?

So, even as our workshop has been entitled ‘poetry, philosophy, politics’ we might well be opening the question of the politics between poetry and philosophy: after all, the moment either philosophy or poetry speaks, writes, inscribes, utters, it enters the realm of the polis. Steps into the realm of the image, of the bild — begins to potentially shape, educate, craft.

Which might be why a workshop is the appropriate form, medium, through which we attempt to think the relationship between poetry and philosophy: for, it is a thinking that doesn’t purport to know, to comprehend — hold in its hand like daddy would — but a thinking that brings forth, opens; thinking as tekhnē.

In our workshop, each of your good selves will be allotted 35 minutes to present, speak, show, perform, your work — after which, the floor with be open for about 20 minutes for everyone else to attend to, respond with, further work on, the ideas, thoughts, images, that have been brought forth during your session.

We very much look forward to seeing, speaking with, learning from, you at our workshop — or, as we like to call it, friends coming together to think.

Jeremy Fernando & John Phillips
March 2017

Speakers — Presenters

(in alphabetical order : we will have the finalised schedule/order of speakers at a later date)


Burhanuddin Baki                     (Universiti Sains Malaysia)

James Batcho                           (European Graduate School)   

Philippe Beck                            (L’Université de Nantes)

Mark Brantner                           (National University of Singapore)

Nahum Carl Brow                     (Hong Kong University of Science & Technology)

Yanyun Chen                            (European Graduate School)

Jeremy Fernando                      (National University of Singapore)       

Adam Staley Groves                 (National University of Singapore)

Sorelle Henricus                       (National University of Singapore)

Tammy Ho Lai-Ming                  (Hong Kong Baptist University)

Anders Kølle                             (Assumption University)

Lim Lee Ching                           (Singapore University of Social Sciences)

John Phillips                              (National University of Singapore)

Tony See                                   (National University of Singapore)

Hubertus von Amelunxen         (European Graduate School)