Advanced Academic Writing Workshop with Mark Daniel Cohen

The Advanced Academic Writing Workshop is a one-day, all-day class taught by Assistant Dean Mark Daniel Cohen. The class provides instructions and exercises designed to help hone the student's argumentative method. The workshop exercises use the student's own research material to guide the student in progressing from an initial topic area through a focused thesis statement to an organized argumentative structure to a composed abstract. 

The workshop is intended for both doctoral students working on dissertations and MA students working on their theses. The experience is most useful to students who have determined their general subject areas and have done their initial research. Even so, many students who have taken the workshop in the first year and without having settled on a research topic have reported that the class helped them listen differently in their seminars, giving them an idea of what they need to focus on for the sake of later using it in their own work. 

The workshop is free, and so provides an additional advantage – students may take it more than once. Further, students who take the workshop will have access to Asst. Dean Cohen for further consultation on their theses and dissertations throughout the remainder of their time at EGS. 

Those thinking of attending the workshop in any of the coming sessions are requested to register for it with Sarah Hannis (