Natalie Smolenski

Natalie Smolenski


Natalie Smolenski is a theoretical anthropologist whose interdisciplinary work investigates the conditions for the development of subjects within economies characterized by layered modalities of exchange and emergent boundaries of interiority and exteriority. Her project aims ultimately to articulate the parameters which enable collective action to precipitate state changes over time.

Natalie also leads business development for Learning Machine, a software firm that builds applications for verifying identity and claims using blockchains in a manner that privileges individual self-sovereignty. She writes and speaks about the impacts of distributed technologies on identity, economy, and government.

Press Articles: 

“The Evolution of Trust in a Digital Economy.” Scientific American. January 2018.

Scholarly Articles: 

“The Psychoanalytic Method of George Atwood.” Open Science Framework. July 17.

“The Future of Cultural Anthropology: A Review of Cannibal Metaphysics.” Open Science Framework. July 17, 2016.

“National-European Theology: The Polish Catholic Hierarchy’s Narrative of a Christian Europe.” East European Politics and Societies (Nov. 2015). DOI: 10.1177/0888325415605889.

“The Father Lemański Affair: Personal vs. Institutional Sanctity in Contemporary Poland.” Journal of Religion in Europe 7, no. 1 (April 2014): 26-50.

“God in History: Collapsing Divine and Human Agency in John Paul II’s Memory and Identity.” Proceedings of the Junior Fellows Conference, Institut für die Wissenschaften vom Menschen. 2014.



Economies of Madness: Self- and World-Construction as a Function of the Circulation of Value. (In Progress.)

Distributed: The Historic Move to Decentralize Markets, Governments, and Education. (In Progress.)

Academic Credentials in an Era of Digital Decentralization. Dallas, TX: Learning Machine Research, 2016.

Academic Positions: 

2013 Józef Tischner Junior Visiting Fellow, Institut für die Wissenschaften vom Menschen

2012 Jean Monnet Graduate Fellow, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

2010-2011 Copernicus Fellow, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

2007-2008 Fulbright Fellow, Egypt