Stefano Masserini

Stefano Masserini works in the area of mass-media as a creative director for advertising campaigns.In 2012, Stefano obtained a B.Sc. at the Free University of Bozen (Italy) in Design & Arts, with a dissertation on Guy Debord’s “The Society of The Spectacle”.

The documentary that accompanied his dissertation was selected in several European Film Festivals, including San Petersburg International Film Festival, Roma Cinema Doc and Leiden International Film Experience, and it was noticed by Jonathan Caouette, with whom Stefano started a creative collaboration.

Stefano studied at the European Graduate School from 2017 to 2019, obtaining an M.A. in Phillosophy, Art and Critical Thought. His dissertation focuses on Collective Semiosis and the consequence of the current reverberation of media on individual imagination.

The M.A. Thesis was supervised by Dr. Dr. Julia Hoelz and discussed with Prof. Siegfried Zielinski, Prof. Sha Xin Wei, Prof. Benjamin Bratton and Prof. Francesco Casetti.

The discussions around the M.A. dissertation fostered further dialogues with Prof. Francesco Casetti, with whom Stefano is working in the direction of a PhD program.

Stefano continues to swing from a direct exposure to the media industry, to the critical review of its consequences on collective semiosis and individual in/magination.