Wanyoung Kim


Wanyoung Kim is a philosopher, writer, translator, and musician residing in the United States. She completed a Master’s degree in Philosophy at the New School for Social Research (2016) and a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy at Purdue University (2014). She has been a researcher at the Global Center for Advanced Studies and the New Centre for Research and Practice. Wanyoung graduated with her PhD at The European Graduate School, under the Supervision of Wolfgang Schirmacher. She is also pursuing studies of international law. Wanyoung has authored Cosmophenomenology: The Alterity and Harmony of Consciousness as Dark Energy (2019) and Nietzsche’s Cosmopsychical Infinity: A Post-Nihilist Ethos of Eternal Return (2016). She edited the book Creation of Reality by Maria Mileno in 2015. Her philosophical translations include essays by Gilles Deleuze, Maurice Blanchot, and Alain Badiou, the former of which can be found on monoskop.org.