Updated EGS Student Fees for Summer Session 2020

Fees for 2020-04-23

The European Graduate School has created a special pricing structure for its July/August 2020 session, which is to be held online. 

Seminar fees have been reduced in light of the current financial challenges faced by many students.  We also hope to attract new students to our programs, and to open our seminars to people from around the world who have never been able to join us.  Online programming has allowed us to envision a structure of seminar participation that permits a significant discount. 

The tuition for seminars for students pursuing degree programs at the MA or PhD level will be $1,150 per seminar. As a result, students will be able to pursue their normal course of seminar study for roughly half the cost of a normal session in Switzerland.  Places for matriculated students are limited, so please apply well in advance.

For all other individuals who wish to audit our seminars, tuition will be $350 per seminar.  Students who attend four courses will be eligible for a “Certificate of Online Study.”

Matriculated students will enjoy enhanced contact with professors, but all students will have full access to the lectures of the scheduled EGS faculty.  These lectures will not be offered in a public format, so the auditing option represents a very special opportunity to experience the teaching of celebrated EGS faculty, such as Slavoj Žižek, Achille Mbembe, Catherine Malabou, Alenka Zupančič, and Avital Ronell

Please note that for the online sessions of 2020, students will not be eligible for refunds once the session for which they have registered has begun.  Only in documented cases of illness or hardship will requests for refunds or an extension of credit for future seminar study be considered.

In order to apply, please contact Stefanie Wittenauer at stefanie.wittenauer@egs.edu