The European Graduate School promotes equal rights and mutual understanding between cultures and nations in all its work. As an academic institution, it further strives to uphold academic values and mutual respect in research, deliberation or exchange, and the basic principles of academic freedom.

Your support in sustaining the European Graduate School is important. With your help, the EGS will continue its pursuit of critical thinking and expressive arts. You will help to preserve academic freedom and independence. Help us to uphold and grow a culture of respect and to defend societies that are inclusive of all genders, races, ethnicities, sexual identities, religions and belief systems.

We kindly invite you to donate. Your support makes a difference.

Donations can be made through any of our three non-profit organizations:

• The European Graduate School Foundation (EGSF) in Switzerland

• The European Graduate School Foundation (EGSF) in Malta

• Friends of the EGS (FEGS) in New York

The EGSF governs the EGS and is responsible for managing its funds. Friends of the EGS help our school by providing grants to individual students for tuition, student aid, research and internal development supporting creative practice and intellectual exchange of students and professors.


Depending on your preferences, your contribution might support:

1. Students

+ Grants for students from countries with insufficient public higher education funding
+ Grants for students from disadvantaged backgrounds
+ Grants for low-income Maltese and Swiss students
+ Grants for artists in residence
+ Grants for post-doctoral fellows

2. Academic Innovation

+ Support a Division, program, seminar, workshop or lecture of your choice
+ Partner with the EGS to offer seminars in any of our hubs
+ Enable access to electronic libraries and journals
+ Strengthen EGS infrastructure
+ Support EGS publication series

3. The EGS Experience

+ Make a real estate gift
+ Offset the carbon footprint induced by our low-residency programs
+ Honor a loved one with an In Memoriam Grant
+ Welcome a new life with a Patronage Grant

We welcome partnerships with corporations and foundations that share the values of the EGS.


All donations to the EGS qualify for tax benefits in Europe, Switzerland and the United States. Residents of other countries might also receive fiscal advantages. Our team will be happy to support you in making your donation a satisfying experience. 

The American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012 offers important tax savings for individuals who make charitable gifts from retirement plans.

Some donors prefer to remain anonymous. The EGS understands this desire and our staff respects this decision.

How you can give:

1. Make a donation online
2. Credit card
3. Check
4. Transfer / Paypal
5. Trust / Bequest / Will
6. Real estate gift


3,000 USD — Make a lecture happen

30,000 USD — Full grant for one MA student over a period of three years

50,000 USD — Full grant for one PhD student over a period of  five years


Staff at the »Giving to the EGS Program« will be glad to answer any questions you may have regarding your contribution, and will provide any assistance required.

For further information please contact:

   Office of the President: president.office@egs.edu


Holder of the accounts:
EGS European Graduate School Foundation
Alter Kehr 20, CH-3953 Leuk-Stadt, Switzerland

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Beim Dorfplatz CH-3906 Saas-Fee, Switzerland

Clearing number / Routing number: 80496

Swiss Franc (CHF) account:
IBAN: CH6680496000007358095

US Dollar (USD) account:
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Euro (EUR) account:
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