Philosophy, Art & Critical Thought

The Division of Philosophy, Art & Critical Thought (PACT) brings together renowned philosophers, critical theorists, artists, and practitioners, offering seminars for students seeking a unique intellectual experience and degrees that can serve work in higher education, the arts, the media, or other cultural sectors. The Division pursues advanced inquiry of a cross-disciplinary character that traverses each of the fields indicated in its title, examining the foundations and significance of decisive currents in modern thought and artistic practice. As many of its faculty are leaders in their fields, this inquiry is defining for contemporary thought. Teaching in PACT is research-led in the very strongest sense, and it is undertaken at the highest levels. It also strives for an open, public character for the fact that it is addressed not only to specialists in any given field, but, more broadly, to those seeking creative and searching approaches to the fundamental questions facing contemporary society.

There are two PACT programs of study: Philosophy, Art, and Social Thought (PAS), and Literary, Musical, and Visual Thought (LMVT). The PAS program reflects a strong inclination on the part of many PACT faculty to link their work to ethical and socio-political concerns. The LMVT program retains a significant reference to these concerns, but also allows students to concentrate their study on the forms of production involved in the respective areas of creative activity. The two programs have different emphases, but they overlap and inform one another in essential ways.


Philosophy, Art & Social Thought

The MA and PhD programs in Philosophy, Art, and Social Thought prepare students to undertake original, independent research in the broad range of fields covered in the program’s title, and/or professional work of an informed and creative character in fields requiring sophistication in cultural analysis. They are designed to expose students from a wide range of backgrounds and interests to important developments in modern thought, and thus to sophisticated new approaches to the arts and socio-political phenomena.

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Literary, Musical & Visual Thought

The MA and PhD programs in Literary, Musical, and Visual Thought allow students to concentrate on the forms of production involved in the relevant areas of creative activity and in related fields. It prepares them to undertake original research in these areas and to exercise acute critical judgment in the analysis of works and broader movements. The deep socio-historical knowledge and theoretical dexterity gained by students prepare them for many forms of academic and professional work.

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Attestation of Study

Qualified individuals have the opportunity of attending an EGS session without studying for an advanced degree. These non-matriculated participants will attend the equivalent of a full PACT session in Saas Fee or Malta (6 seminars) and receive recognition for their study. The only requirements are attendance and the submission of brief response papers for each seminar (these responses are not graded).

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Postdoctoral Research Certificate

Individuals holding a PhD (from any accredited institution, including the EGS) may pursue postdoctoral research in the PACT Division for a period of one or two years. They may attend one full PACT session in each year of their postdoctoral study, and will receive mentoring support during this period.

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