Giving to the EGS

The EGS seeks to become one of the leading intellectual institutions in Europe, shaping the contemporary academic mission and the very meaning of “advanced study.”

It has developed a singular global distinction on the basis of two decades of innovative, cross-disciplinary programming featuring some of the most important artists and thinkers of our time. It now strives to realise its promise in a more prominent manner, even while maintaining its special integrity as an intellectual society. For a project of this ambition and importance, private support is essential. We therefore invite donors to consider participating in the project at the following levels:

The EGS Foundational Circle

This level of donation implies significant gifts that support the EGS endowment or its sites of activity, in Switzerland or in Malta. Select naming opportunities relating to EGS campuses or programs are available at this level of support.

Here, “foundation” is meant in an architectural sense, evoking those cornerstones that make possible both the grounding commitment to quality at the EGS, in all facets of its institutional activity, and a solid basis for experiment and creative innovation.

The EGS Project

Donations to this program support either the teaching provision of the EGS, its distinguished professoriat, or the educational opportunities it offers to students. The EGS Project serves the core mission of the institution, which it has named “teaching-led research.” Its members endow a named professorship (designed for indefinite duration or for a designated period of time), or a named scholarship. The intensive structure of the EGS makes this opportunity far more accessible than in a traditional institution.

The EGS has an exceptional capacity for recruiting top researchers and art practitioners by reason of its special prestige. An EGS chair will be staffed by individuals of the highest level of achievement in their respective fields. Comparable levels of achievement are demonstrated by many EGS students, who are able to pursue their studies while devoting an important part of their time to creative work, professional commitments, or volunteer service. The EGS serves many students who are active artists and seek the intellectual inspiration afforded by the EGS or credentials for work that can support their creative activities. These students are particularly in need of support.

Today, the EGS seeks to further opportunities for students from around the globe, particularly from areas where students of even the highest ability cannot easily get access to top academic institutions. Support for an emerging artist, for example, or a dynamic scholar, can have a very profound social impact. The EGS also believes that the quality of its student cohort is strengthened if is composed of accomplished and creative individuals from nations from around the world. The institution is committed to a profound understanding of diversity.

The EGS Fund

This general category is for all those individuals or groups who wish to help the EGS realise its singular promise. Contributions may be made at any level, and may be directed to support general institutional needs or some specific purpose.

It should be noted that the EGS maintains a very lean administrative structure, seeking to direct its resources to its core activities.

Funds contributed to the EGS are turned to quite immediate effect.

In addition to the forms of participation described above, the EGS is prepared to welcome Corporate Partners. For such groups, the EGS will craft special seminars that provide exposure to the special intellectual strengths of the EGS. The cross-disciplinary commitments that define the EGS curricular model can enrich the creative potential of corporate leaders or employees in the same manner that it inspires those EGS students who come from professional backgrounds (such as architecture, journalism, or technological start-ups). The EGS is actually redefining the meaning of “continuing education” by inviting individuals from the world of business to regain their intellectual vocation and experience the singular inspiration that philosophically informed reflection can bring to their own endeavours.

Please direct any questions you might have to Christopher Fynsk, Chair of the EGS Executive Board and President of the Friends of the EGS:

How to give

All donations to the EGS qualify for tax benefits in Europe, Switzerland and the United States. Residents of other countries might also receive fiscal advantages.

The American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012 offers important tax savings for individuals who make charitable gifts from retirement plans.

Some donors prefer to remain anonymous, the EGS will respect this decision.

How you can give:

1. Make a donation online
2. Credit card
3. Check
4. Transfer / Paypal
5. Trust / Bequest / Will
6. Real estate gift


Please direct any questions you might have to Christopher Fynsk, Chair of the University Executive Board and President of the Friends of the EGS:

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To give via the “Friends of the EGS,” which enables tax relief in the United States, please contact Christopher Fynsk,