The PACT Division of the EGS, now in operation for over 20 years, invites you to discover a set of unique possibilities for advanced study that traverse the arts, humanities, and sciences. We assemble world-leading critical theorists, philosophers, artists, and practitioners from fields such as digital design, film, music, and literature for seminars that provide for cross-disciplinary encounter and research at the very highest levels.

Our campuses are on sites of startling beauty in Saas-Fee, Switzerland, and Valletta, Malta.

Here, in intensive sessions of 24 days, our celebrated faculty explore the foundations of modern thought and creative practice while addressing the most urgent questions of the day. They combine depth of questioning with experiment, attracting an international community of inspired students with diverse academic and professional backgrounds.

PACT offers a uniquely modern educational opportunity by offering teaching of the highest level in flexible formats. In addition to its renowned EU-accredited degree programs at the MA and PhD levels, it allows for non-matriculated study (through certificate programs and post-doctoral research), and provides for the possibility of attendance in individual courses. Its intensive seminar structure gives individuals the possibility of pursuing other work or professional obligations throughout the year.

We invite you to join us in our effort to discover what advanced study can be.

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Public lectures

Sha Xin Wei

Sha Xin Wei – Fall 2020 Lecture – “Alter-Eco” – 10.04.2020 (Excerpt)

Christopher Fynsk

Christopher Fynsk – Fall 2020 Lecture – “Alter-Eco” – 10.03.2020 (Excerpt)

Julia Hölzl*, Christopher Fynsk

Academic Writing Workshop – Fall 2020 – 10.18.2020 (Full)


Boris Groys – Excerpt Fall 2020 Lecture – 10.16.2020


Achille Mbembe – Fall 2020 Lecture – “Life Futures” – Excerpt – 10.10.2020

Judith Butler

Judith Butler – “The Problem of Our Laws” – Fall 2020 Lecture (Excerpt)