New EGS Open Lecture – Isabelle Alfandary

23 May 2024
The first meeting of the Institute for Music and Philosophy

11 April 2024
Achille Mbembe is 2024 Holberg Prize Laureate

15 March 2024
New Public Lecture: Catherine Malabou

09 March 2024
New Leading Thinkers course on Hannah Arendt

29 January 2024
New Public Lecture: Frank Ruda

15 January 2024
New public lecture: Nicholas Royle

04 December 2023
Launch Event and Roundtable Discussion

23 November 2023
New public lecture: Lars Iyer

16 September 2023
New public lecture: Kevin McLaughlin

10 May 2023
New public lecture: Michael Naas

30 April 2023
New public lecture: Alenka Zupančič

04 April 2023
New public lecture: Aïcha Liviana Messina

18 February 2023
A Last Dance in Saas-Fee

30 January 2023
Sigmund Freud: Everything you always wanted to know about but were afraid to ask

08 January 2023
New Leading Thinkers Course on Theodor Adorno

25 November 2022
The Musical Line

28 October 2022
“Stupidity and Unlearning: An Academic Writing Workshop” with Lars Iyer

11 October 2022
Announcement Regarding FSA loans

06 October 2022
New Leading Thinkers Course on Georges Bataille

24 September 2022
EGS 2022 – Special Invitation to EGS Alumni

09 April 2022
New Leading Thinkers Course on Karl Marx

17 January 2022
In Remembrance: Sylvère Lotringer (1938–2021)

19 November 2021
New Leading Thinkers Course on Derrida

24 October 2021
New EGS Workshop with David Kishik

17 October 2021
Michael Schmidt’s New Workshop: “Meaningful Sounds: Philosophies of Music”

20 September 2021
Jean-Luc Nancy: In Memoriam

24 August 2021
Creative Writing Workshop with Lars Iyer: “The Love of Fate: Creative Practice as a Spiritual Exercise”

16 August 2021
Art, Politics, “Terrorism”: The Case of Sreten Ugričić

03 June 2021
New Public Lecture: Elie During – June 4th, 2021

01 June 2021
PACT 2021 Online Session

31 May 2021
New EGS seminar – Mladen Dolar

22 May 2021
Aïcha Liviana Messina – The Hour of Fragility

03 May 2021
Alenka Zupančič: Civilization and its Discontents 2.0

26 April 2021
New EGS Seminar – Elie During

20 April 2021
Catherine Malabou Discusses Foucault’s Last Seminars in New EGS Open Lecture

18 April 2021
Casey Reas – Latent Cinema (March 18, 8 pm Paris time)

08 March 2021
New Leading Thinkers courses will start in April

22 February 2021
Upcoming Public Lecture: Simon Denny “Big Tech‘s claims: from social media to crypto”

04 February 2021
Public Lectures 2021

20 January 2021
Scheduling and Further Information about Winter Seminars

07 December 2020
Leading Thinkers: New Online Courses

27 November 2020
Lars Iyer’s Creative Writing Workshop

31 October 2020
Academic Writing Workshop

The PACT Division is offering a workshop devoted to academic

26 September 2020
Updated Thesis Supervision Guidelines

18 September 2020
Creative Writing Workshop with Lars Iyer: “Without Authority: The Solitude of Writing”

We are pleased to announce that Lars Iyer will be

14 September 2020
Fall Schedule – EGS 2020

The PACT Division of the EGS is very pleased to

09 September 2020
Judith Butler’s Lecture Now Available for Streaming

This lecture revisits two questions: what makes a life livable

05 September 2020
Registration Open for Science Colloquium

On Thursday, August 13, 2020, the PACT Division of the

08 August 2020
EGS Online Lecture: Judith Butler

The PACT Division of the EGS is delighted to announce

06 July 2020
EGS Free Public Lecture: Carlos Amorales

We are happy to announce that the third lecture in

23 June 2020
2020 Public Auditing Options

14 June 2020
EGS Open Lecture: Mathia Diawara & Terri Geis

We are happy to announce that the second lecture in

09 June 2020
Branislav Jakovljević’s “Performance Apparatus”

Branislav Jakovljević’s “Performance Apparatus” is now Available for view on

02 June 2020
New EGS Open Lecture

27 May 2020
Updated EGS Student Fees for Summer Session 2020

…Students will be able to pursue their normal course of

20 May 2020
Professor Fynsk’s “Antigone” Webinar Now Available

18 May 2020
Information on EGS Open Webinars vs. EGS Online Courses

07 May 2020
Register for Free Online “Antigone” Seminar with Professor Fynsk

This mini-seminar will unfold over three sessions, each lasting one

05 May 2020
Q&A for Upcoming Sessions – 2020

The session scheduled for July 24-August 17 will take place

01 May 2020
Strelka Institute and EGS Host Online Public Colloquium on April 24th

21 April 2020
“The Revenge of the Real”: Online Colloquium and Call for Papers

The EGS has been invited to join the Strelka Institute

10 April 2020
Malta Update

Planning for the October session of the EGS PACT Division

08 April 2020
Dean Fynsk Explains Strategies for Upcoming Terms

I am writing to provide you with a briefing and

20 March 2020
Art and the Academy in the Time and Space of Social Distancing

The following letter was composed in the afternoon before a

14 March 2020

The EGS wants to assure its students that we are

10 March 2020

The October session, lasting 24 days, will begin on…

08 January 2020

The summer session begins July 24 in Bergamo…

17 December 2019

THE PACT Division will be launching a new website…

17 December 2019
Public evening lecture with Raphael Zagury-Orly and Joseph Coen

Raphael Zagury-Orly and Joseph Cohen’s Public Evening Lecture, “Heidegger. This lecture

20 June 2019
A new future for the European Graduate School

EGS isundertaking a new venture in Malta, and is thereby

20 June 2019