Catherine Malabou Discusses Foucault’s Last Seminars in New EGS Open Lecture

We are happy to announce that the latest lecture in the EGS Open Lectures series will be conducted by Catherine Malabou.

Foucault’s last seminars: the “other politics”

Focusing on Foucault’s last seminars, The Government of Self and Others and The Courage of Truth, I intend to challenge the usual, standardized interpretations according to which Foucault would achieve his turn from politics to ethics, and praise the individualistic neo-liberal withdrawal in oneself. I would like to propose a different interpretation: in his last seminars, through his reading of the Cynics, and the crisis of “parrhesia”, Foucault announces the passage to what he calls “the other politics”, that subverts all idea of government, and prefigure a transition to anarchism.

This event is scheduled for Apr 22, 2021, at 8 pm CET (2 pm EST).

Here is the link for registration: