Fall Schedule – EGS 2020

The PACT Division of the EGS is very pleased to inform you of the full schedule for our upcoming October meetings.  We also have several announcements.

Let us first pass on that we had a very successful online session this summer.  The construction of an online session had an experimental side to it, but the project worked from both technical and intellectual perspectives.  In fact, the session had a very special atmosphere that brought forth strong responses from faculty and students alike.  One had the inspiring sense that our seminars were meeting an immediate and vital need.  There is every reason to expect something comparable this fall.

The online platform allowed us to reduce our tuition costs by 30%, and also offer an entirely new auditing option.  For $350, individuals can now attend individual courses (with six sessions) by our distinguished faculty. Attendance in four courses qualifies one for a Certificate of Online Study.  The global response to this special opportunity has been very encouraging.

The precise course schedule for October—with course descriptions–is available on our website. You will see a number of exceptional seminar offerings  and workshops by Sha Xin Wei, Daniel Birnbaum,  Manthia Diawara and Terri Geiss, Judith Butler, Boris Groys, Keller Easterling, Achille Mbembe, Lars Iyer, Peter Szendy, Carlos Amorales, and Gayatri Spivak.

The deadline for application for our MA and PhD degree programs and certificates of study is September 28.  You can apply here. The deadline for auditing is Sept. 30; you can register for individual seminars by clicking here.