Launch Event and Roundtable Discussion

The European Graduate School is proud to announce the launch of a new site for cross-disciplinary research and encounters The Institute for Music and Philosophy

At its base in London, the Institute will experiment with forms of exchange between practitioners in music –accomplished performers, composers, and individuals devoted to the craft of instrument care and creation– and creative researchers engaged by music who come from the sciences, philosophy, and other arts. The aim will be to produce sparks of inspiration and thought in open discussion at the intersections of the fields of inquiry broadly named in the Institute’s title. We will challenge the barriers (aesthetic and professional) between performance and reflection through the involvement of all participants.

Launch Event
November 29, at 7pm
J&A Beare 30 Queen Anne Street London, W1G 8HX

This event will feature an introduction to the history of the project and our guiding ambitions, together with a presentation of “What is Music For?” by cellist Matthew Barley, and refreshments. We hope to convey something of the spirit of experiment and research that guides us, along with the fact that we will not shy from the contributions of science, even as we pursue discovery in modes familiar to the humanities and arts.

Roundtable Discussion
November 30, at 7 pm

We will reconvene at J&A Beare for a public discussion about the projects that the institute will focus on for the year to come. We have a few ideas to explore; we seek many more.

Please RSVP before Monday 27 November
to Sam Blade:

The directors of this project are Robert Brewer Young, Luthier and Director of Scientific Research and Conservation, J&A Beare, and Christopher Fynsk, Dean of the Division of Philosophy, Art, and Critical Thought at the European Graduate School, and President.