New EGS Open Lecture – Isabelle Alfandary

We are happy to announce that the latest lecture in the EGS Open Lectures series will be conducted by Isabelle Alfandary.


For psychoanalysis, seduction is not a notion like any other. The discovery of the unconscious was inseparable from Freud’s listening to women, some of whom had been the victims of sexual attacks. However, in a famous letter to his colleague and friend Wilhelm Fliess, Freud renounced his original theory of seduction in 1897. Why this relinquisment, this incredulity  or even resistance to seduction? The history, practice and history of psychoanalysis is inseparable from the experience of seduction. Psychoanalysis has gained complex and in some cases subversive knowledge about seduction that this lecture will try to address rereading analysts such as Ferenczi or Laplanche.

This event is scheduled for May 30, 2024, at 8 pm CET (2 pm EST).

Zoom link can be found here.