Public Lectures 2021

The EGS launches its 2021 “Public Lectures” series on January 26 (8:00pm, CET, 2:00 pm, EST) with a presentation by Prof. Leslie Hill (Warwick University):

“Maurice Blanchot’s Politics: A Case to Answer?”

After extensive archival work over the past few years, Prof. Hill, a distinguished reader of Blanchot, is singularly prepared to address some of the misrepresentations of Blanchot’s pre-war political writing that have dominated recent debates concerning his contributions to modern French thought and literature. Given the immense importance of Blanchot’s thinking for authors such as Roland Barthes, Michel Foucault, Jacques Derrida, and Jacque Lacan, Prof. Hill will offer something far more important than a “corrective” regarding some of the false constructions of Blanchot’s politics.

You can sign up for Professor Hill’s lecture here.

We plan to host lectures on a monthly basis in 2021. These upcoming public events will include, in February, Simon Denny on “Big Tech’s Claims: From Social Media to Crypto,” and, in March, Casey Reas (title to be announced).

For our schedule, and for recordings of past lectures, please visit our website.