Register for Free Online “Antigone” Seminar with Professor Fynsk


This mini-seminar will unfold over three sessions, each lasting one and a half hours, with an added meeting for exchange with seminar participants.

The sessions will concentrate on the following topics:

  1. Antigone’s Friendship
  2. Antigone’s Home
  3. Antigone in Modern Thought–toward the Question of Community

The first section will be devoted to the play, with special focus on the motif of philia.  Section 2 will proceed from a consideration of Heidegger’s famous reading of the choral ode that proceeds the first dialogue between Antigone and Creon: “Manifold is the uncanny [deinon]….”  The third section will take up some of the modern history of discussion surrounding “Antigone”  and move toward a consideration of how the play addresses us today.

The seminar is being offered by Professor Fynsk as an initial test-run for the PACT Division of the EGS, which will offer its seminar program online during the July/August session.  It will last only half as long as the online seminars planned for this summer, but should give us the opportunity to assess our online platform and protocols.  We also see it as an opportunity for some of us to come together in this fraught time.

Students who wish to prepare in advance should consult the play (more than one translation, if possible), Heidegger’s reading of the choral ode in An Introduction to Metaphysics (Professor Fynsk will also turn to the discussion of the ode in Hölderlin’s Hymn, “The Ister”), the discussion of Hegel’s interpretation of Antigone” in Derrida’s Glas, Jacques Lacan’s Seventh Seminar (The Ethics of Psychoanalysis), and Maurice Blanchot’s The Unavowable Community.

There will be no charge for this seminar.  We ask only that participants offer feedback regarding its technical presentation. To join us online, students will need to register here

Participants will receive a link for course materials (suggested readings) as soon as they register for the seminar.

The seminar will take place on May 11, May 12 and May 13, beginning at 5:30pm Central European Time (Switzerland), 11:30 am Eastern Standard Time (New York).

The Question and Answer session will be at the same time on May 14 (5:30 CET, 11:30 EST), and will also last one and half hours.