Registration Open for Science Colloquium

On Thursday, August 13, 2020, the PACT Division of the EGS will host a workshop devoted to the theme “Leaving Earth.”   This will constitute the fourth annual meeting of the “science colloquium,” which is devoted to bringing scientific modes of thinking into the context of the Division’s cross-disciplinary research and teaching.

In 2019, a consensus formed that we should take up questions presented by the topic of space.  However, the members of our planning group did not share unqualified enthusiasm for some of the contemporary thinking informing planetary and lunar exploration.  We thus settled on the title “Leaving Earth,” allowing for critical or cautionary approaches to our general theme, along with more affirmative treatments of some of the related questions.

The EGS science colloquium has been distinguished by the openness of its cross-disciplinary exchanges.  The 2020 colloquium will proceed in the same spirit by gathering together four participants who bring perspectives informed by art, technology, philosophy, architecture, and critical thought.  These are Benjamin Bratton, Christopher Fynsk, Xin Liu, and Nicholas de Monchaux.

Our workshop will be open to the public.

The workshop begins at 2:00pm EST and will last three hours.   Scheduling pressures will oblige us to start promptly. You can register here: