Strelka Institute and EGS Host Online Public Colloquium on April 24th

The faculty and researchers of Strelka Institute’s The Terraforming program will host an online public colloquium presenting responses and research on the implications of the COVID-19 pandemic and the related urban conditions, responses and realities. Register here:

With the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdowns, what began as speculative has become real-time. We are in “reality catches up” mode. We see this moment less as a “state of exception” than exposing multiple pre-existing conditions. We are all witnessing a massive experiment in comparative governance with the virus as the control variable. The results speak for themselves.

The rapid shift to urban lockdown and its cultures of quarantine, encapsulation, remoteness, virtuality, denial, and death have accelerated the urgency of the questions posed. Our researchers have addressed these through the lenses of: Quarantine Urbanism, Planetary Metabolism, Resilient Automation, Everyday Geoengineering, Greener New Deals, and Artificial Anthropos.

They will be joined by Strelka faculty, Benjamin H. Bratton, Nicola Twilley, Holly Jean Buck, and Geoff Manaugh, as well as Special Guest, European Graduate School faculty, Jean-Luc Nancy.

The event is in conjunction with an Open Call for papers, projects and research that address the COVID-19 circumstances that respond to and extend The Terraforming program’s research themes.

The event is convened in partnership with The European Graduate School. It is held in English in the format of a Zoom webinar and is open by registration only: