The first meeting of the Institute for Music and Philosophy

The EGS is delighted to announce the first meeting of its London affiliate, the Institute for Music and Philosophy.  

Officially launched this past November in London as an independent research center, the Institute will sponsor seminars, concerts and meetings in this upcoming meeting.
Three Institute seminars will take place between June 3 and June 13, 2024 along with other events.
Descriptions of these seminars and events will follow shortly, but the Institute is now able to announce the seminar leaders and dates to facilitate planning:
Peter Szendy  (Brown University), June 3-8
Christopher Fynsk and Robert Brewer Young, with guests, June 3-8 (this seminar will continue in the mode of the EGS craft seminar and involve the building of instruments)
Carlos Amorales, with guests,  June 10-13
The Institute will meet at the Livingston Studio, its home facility in Hampstead, and in the newly constructed Well Walk theatre, in close proximity to the Studio.  At Wolfson College, Oxford (hosted by the Oxford Centre for Life-Writing), the Institute will hold at least one meeting with Carlos Amorales.
The purpose of the Institute is to pursue cross-disciplinary research and discussion that focuses on the two fields of its title, taking inspiration from the EGS itself and from the high-level forms of creative encounter pursued at the Black Mountain College. Inspired by “The Cello Project,” inaugurated in Saas Fee in 2017, and a series of seminars pursued at the EGS devoted to the topic of craft, it will seek to open the question of music and philosophy in creative and searching ways, drawing upon other arts, on performance, and various theoretical, historical and scientific approaches.  All those for whom music represents some form of experience (which need not be professional) will be welcome to join this venture.
For more info, please contact Professor Christopher Fynsk (