Upcoming Public Lecture: Simon Denny “Big Tech‘s claims: from social media to crypto”

We are happy to announce that the new lecture in the EGS Open Lectures series will be conducted by Simon Denny from HFBK in Hamburg.

Big Tech‘s claims: from social media to crypto

 An artist who has spent more than a decade unpacking the rhetoric and claims of Big Tech’s core voices, Simon Denny will present key cultural, political and aesthetic principles gathered from his research to date. What were the public narratives of the founders of Wikipedia, Twitter, Tumblr, and 4chan, or the COO of Facebook, in the wake of the ‘Arab Spring’? How was crypto genius Vitalik Buterin talking about geopolitics after the increase Bitcoin’s popularity and value in 2016? How did Peter Thiel’s vision of the future speak to the world of the early Trump era – and what do The Lord of the Rings and the New Zealand tourism board have to do with the marketing strategy of Thiel’s surveillance data company Palantir? Denny dives into the political and cultural logic of tech from TED-byte analysis to the Amazon’s designs for workers, to consider the complex recent history behind today’s most heated technology debates.

This event is scheduled for February 18, at 8 pm CET (2 pm EST).

Here is the link for registration:  https://zoom.us/meeting/register/tJEodu6hqT4iGtyJmB8ydRHporEBDxL40_6v