The PACT Division of the EGS will feature four sessions in 2017.  Three of these (in June and August in Saas Fee, and in October in Malta) will conform to the traditional EGS format and involve a full 6 seminars over 24 days.  Students who attend one of these three sessions will gain the full number of credits required (by year) for their progress toward their MA or PhD degrees.

The April meeting in Malta is a "short session" that features only four seminars in all, along with an exceptional musical event.  Students have the opportunity to gain credits toward their degrees by taking these seminars, and non-matriculated students have the opportunity to enjoy EGS offerings through this arrangement.

The opening seminars for the June and August sessions (see below listings) will take place in the context of the Venice Biennale.  The 2017 Saas-Fee sessions (June and August) will thus convene initially in Venice, and feature a program involving leading artists and theorists involved in the 2017 Venice Biennale.  Students will have the opportunity to enjoy an exceptional exposure to one of the leading art events in the world.  For their three-day experience in Venice, they will receive credits for a full seminar.  Thus, the Saas-Fee sessions at the Steinmatte campus will feature five seminars in each student grouping (after Venice). Information regarding housing, arranged directly with the Venice Biennale, will be announced shortly. 

Accommodations in Venice (June 7—9, 2017 for the June Session) and (July 29—31, 2017 for the August session) are automatically booked for all June and August session students. The venue information can be seen here:  http://sanservolo.servizimetro...

In addition to the confirmed curriculum below, there will be public evening lectures and round tables — the dates and details are forthcoming.  


APRIL SESSION: April 1—12, 2017 (Valletta, Malta) with Professors Geert Lovink: "Current Critical Internet Culture" (April 1—2), Hubertus von Amelunxen: "Philosophy of Photography" (April 4—5), Christopher Fynsk: "Handcraft – the Question of the Hand, the Question of Craft" (April 7—8), Robert Brewer Young/Gilles Colliard/Anthony McCall: "Music – Drawing – Mathematics" (April 10—12). 

JUNE SESSION: June 7—9, 2017 in Venice, Italy, June 11—29, 2017 in Saas-Fee, Switzerland with Professors Slavoj Žižek, Alenka Zupančič, Mladen Dolar, Philip Beesley, Alisa Andrasak, Benjamin Bratton, Elie During, Georges Didi-Huberman, Abel Abdessemed, Werner Hamacher, Michael Schmidt & Heiner Goebbels, Diane Davis, Victor Vitanza, Karen Barad. 

All June Session students will register with the Director of Admissions on either the evening of June 6th or the morning of June 7th, 2017 (depending on your arrival time), in Venice at the students' residence on the island of San Servolo.

During the June session, a special colloquium will take place with faculty from the fields of digital design, philosophy of science, advanced mathematics and quantum theory.  Details concerning the precise topics to be treated in this one-day event will follow.

AUGUST SESSION: July 29—31, 2017 in Venice, Italy, August 2—21, 2017 in Saas-Fee, Switzerland with Professors Avital Ronell, Anne Dufourmantelle, Pierre Alféri & Rodolphe Burger, Philippe Beck, Daniel Birnbaum, Wolfgang Schirmacher, Geoffrey Bennington, Elissa Marder, Catherine Malabou, Rebecca Comay, Judith Butler, Boris Groys, Thomas Zummer & Leslie Thornton, Siegfried Zielinski, & others (to be announced). 

All August Session students will register with the Director of Admissions on either the evening of July 28th or the morning of July 29th, 2017 (depending on your arrival time), in Venice at the students' residence on the island of San Servolo.

OCTOBER SESSION: October 2—25 in Valletta, Malta with Professors Thomas Keenan, Simon Critchley, Jean-Luc Nancy & Claire Denis, Terry Smith, Geert Lovink, Laurence Rickels, Margarethe von Trotta, & Achille Mbembe. 

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