The Division of Philosophy, Art & Critical Thought at The European Graduate School / EGS offers students and scholars an exceptional academic experience centered on annual intensive seminar sessions led by eminent faculty in residence. This dynamic structure provides a critical and creative forum for students and scholars to engage with thinkers and artists distinguished in their fields.

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The application and selection process for the division of Philosophy, Art & Critical Thought at The European Graduate School / EGS is personal and stringent. We consider only independent minded students prepared to accept both the challenge and reward of our cross-disciplinary, low-residency MA and PhD programs in Saas-Fee, Switzerland↗, and Valletta, Malta↗.

For students/visitors applying to attend individual seminars (instead of enrolling into an MA or PhD degree program), there is no need to submit transcripts or complete the essay questions in the online application (in the fields for the essay questions, please simply write N/A). If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact:

For students who have completed (or are soon to complete) their MA studies with The EGS and would like to continue onto the PhD program, a re-application is necessary: Online Application ↗. Transcripts and diplomas from undergraduate degrees (prior to the MA at the EGS) would not need to be re-submitted, and the application's essay questions are not obligatory. Do not hesitate to write to with any questions.

Application Dates & Deadlines

The EGS academic year begins the 1st of September and ends the 31st of August. Early application is encouraged to ensure entry into the program and session of choice. Please note our application dates and deadlines below, and review our Academic Calendar↗ for further important dates and deadlines.

Application Deadlines

June Session / Saas-Fee, Switzerland

Deadline to apply: May 1, 2019

August Session / Saas-Fee, Switzerland

Deadline to apply: July 1, 2019

October Session / Valletta, Malta*

Deadline to apply: September 6, 2019

*The October Session 2019 in Valletta, Malta, is part of the 2019/2020 Academic Year. US students applying for loans would therefore use a 2019-20 US loan if they want to apply to the October Session 2019 in Valletta, Malta. For additional information, please contact Mark Daniel Cohen, Assistant Dean, at:

Application Documents

All application documents must be submitted online as well as via postal mail (including a printed copy of The EGS Online Application form) to: The European Graduate School, Administration Office, Seewjinenstrasse 6, CH-3930, Visp Switzerland.


Official transcripts from all previously attended colleges, universities, and graduate schools (post-secondary institutions) must be sent directly via postal mail. Copies of transcripts must also be included in the Online Application↗ (or issued electronically directly from previously attended institutions to: Transcripts not originally in English or French must be submitted with certified translations in English or French.

Letters of Evaluation (Optional)

Applicants may submit up to three letters of evaluation/reference. Letters should include the evaluator’s signature and contact information. At least one of these letters should be from an academic institution.

Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL)

The language of instruction at The EGS is English. Applicants who have not already completed a university degree where English was the language of instruction should submit TOEFL test results to The EGS.

TOEFL Educational Testing Service Code:
European Graduate School: 7418 or 7394

Degree Requirements

Doctoral students must begin by meeting a requirement of 12 seminars, which are normally completed in the first two years. The doctoral student then must select an advisor (this may happen with the help of the dean) and fulfill one to three years of officially supervised dissertation work  They must register for this supervision and pay a fee in each year. The number of years will be determined by the student’s advisor in consultation with the dean. At the end of the third supervision year, if the student has not completed the dissertation and has not been approved to proceed to a defense, the student may continue to spend up to two more years working on the dissertation without formal supervision.  The student must complete their dissertation and have it accepted for defense by the student's past supervisor by the end of this period (a total of seven years as a full-time doctoral student at EGS).  Requests for leaves of absence by reason of hardship or health issues can be considered (they should be addressed to the dean).  But if, after seven years, and in the absence of a formal request for a leave of absence, the student has not finished their thesis and completed all requirements, they will be obliged to leave the program.  After a successful completion of the defense, the student will be granted the doctorate. 

Masters students must begin by completing 12 seminars, normally during their first two years in the program.  An MA thesis may be submitted after the completion of course work within the second year of study.  Normally, however, students will continue for a third year under supervision as they complete their thesis.  They must register for this supervision and pay the established fee. The dean, or an EGS Fellow, will serve as supervisor.  In some cases, students may arrange for supervision with an EGS faculty member (with the approval of the dean).  At the end of the third year as a full-time MA student, the thesis will be submitted to the supervisor for evaluation (no MA thesis defense is required).  Students who are not ready to submit the thesis at the end of the third year may obtain extra time only with permission of the dean. Once the thesis is accepted, the MA degree will be granted. 

Students who complete the MA degree at EGS and wish to continue in the doctoral program must apply officially for the doctoral program and, if accepted, can enter the program only after all MA requirements are met. The accepted MA thesis and the conferred degree must be on file with the EGS before the student can begin doctoral studies. All seminars taken to meet requirements for the doctoral degree must be taken as part of the doctoral program. Seminars taken before acceptance into the doctoral program, even if taken as electives and not used for meeting MA requirements, cannot be used to meet doctoral requirements. In brief, students doing both the MA and the PhD at EGS will need to take a total of 24 seminars as matriculated students to meet both sets of requirements.

Tuition & Fees

The European Graduate School / EGS is a private, non-profit graduate school that is tuition funded. Committed to offering its students rewarding experiences of the highest academic standard affordably, The EGS strives to maintain low operating costs, as reflected in our tuition fees.

Degree Cost (Current Average in USD)

MA (three years) USD 23,800.00
PhD (three years) USD 24,100.00
PhD (four years) USD 27,100.00
PhD (five years) USD 30,100.00

Tuition Fees / 2018-2019

Tuition fees are calculated in USD and based on the number of required seminar and workshop credits (seminars are 4,5 ECTS credits; workshops are usually two credits). Additional elective seminars must be additionally calculated (see schedule of fees).

1st Year MA/PhD USD 10,600.00
2nd Year MA/PhD USD 10,500.00
3rd Year MA (Thesis Supervision fee) USD 2,700.00
3rd Year PhD (Dissertation Supervision fee) USD 3,000.00
4th Year PhD (Dissertation Supervision fee) USD 3,000.00
5th Year PhD (Dissertation Supervision fee)
USD 3,000.00
Elective Seminars Selected by Matriculated Students (4,5 Credits) USD 1,800.00
Certificate of Study USD 9,900.00
Postdoctoral Research Certificate USD 11,500.00

*Tuition rates are based on the current curriculum and are subject to change. Tuition fees do not include health insurance, living expenses, travel expenses, and residency accommodation. For further questions, contact the admissions office (

Accommodation Fees 2018-2019

Current average cost in Valletta for a private room (not including meals):
October Session / Valletta, Malta EUR 50-75.00 / day (approximately)

For more information, see: Accommodation in Valletta, Malta.

Current average cost in Saas-Fee for a private room in a shared apartment, including three meals per day, with our accommodations partner, Hotel Allalin, in Saas-Fee, Switzerland:

June Session / Saas-Fee, Switzerland CHF 3’072.00 (CHF 128.00 / fixed day rate)
August Session / Saas-Fee, Switzerland CHF 3’072.00 (CHF 128.00 / fixed day rate)

Shared double rooms are also available starting at CHF 103.00 / fixed day rate.

For more information and to make reservations, see: Accommodation in Saas-Fee, Switzerland.

Payment Submissions: All payments are made in USD.

Successful applicants will receive detailed registration and enrollment information in their letter of admission, including payment instructions and deadlines for tuition fees. Keep in mind that foreign money transfers can take up to 8-10 working days. All payment submissions must include the student’s name and student ID number. Receipt of payments will be confirmed after the payment has been credited to the EGS bank account. Once the full tuition fee has been credited to the EGS bank account, students will receive an email confirmation of final tuition payment. 

We have noted that there are a significant number of applications pending for admission to the PACT programs.  We are concerned that this may be due to the requirement that individuals pay 50% of their tuition costs within two weeks of admission to the program.  We understand that some students may be delaying submission for this reason. 

Therefore, we are reducing the advance payment and slightly lengthening the time allowed for submission of this payment.  Students will only be required to send $2,000 within three weeks of admission to the program to secure their place.   The balance of the tuition will be due at the time already stipulated below. 

Our planning will be greatly facilitated if we receive applications on a more timely basis.

Payment Deadlines: All PACT students are required to pay tuition on the regular schedule – full tuition paid in three (MA) or three to five (Ph.D.) years. Students with special needs and pressures on their time are welcome to request the option to extend classes into more than the standard two-year period at the beginning of their enrollment. That option is available in limited cases and with special permission. However, regular tuition amounts still must be paid on time. There are no late fees or deductions – all students entering in the same year pay the same amount for the full complement of required classes. Please see the payment deadlines listed in the tables below. 


June 2019 Session / Saas-Fee, Switzerland

1st Year MA/PhD Students within 21 days upon receipt of admission USD 2,000.00  Tuition Deposit
Ongoing Students MA/PhD 1 April 2019 50% Tuition Deposit and USD 1,000.00 Accommodation Deposit
All Students 31 May 2019 Full Tuition Due

U.S. Financial Aid Students
(or other aid-based students)
N/A Contact The EGS Financial Aid Office

August 2019 Session / Saas-Fee Switzerland

1st Year MA/PhD Students within 21 days upon receipt of admission USD 2,000.00  Tuition Deposit

Ongoing Students MA/PhD 1 April 2019 50% Tuition Deposit and
USD 1,000.00 Accommodation Deposit

Ongoing Students MA/PhD
(not attending seminars, supervision year(s) only)
1 April 2019
100% of Supervision Fee (USD 3000.00)

All Students 14 July 2019 Final Tuition Payment

U.S. Financial Aid Students
(or other aid-based students)
N/A Contact The EGS Financial Aid Office


October 2019 Session / Valletta, Malta

1st Year MA/PhD Students within 21 days upon receipt of admission USD 2,000.00  Tuition Deposit

Ongoing Students MA/PhD 1 July 2019 50% Tuition Deposit

Ongoing Students MA/PhD
(not attending seminars, supervision year(s) only)
1 July 2019 100% of Supervision Fee (USD 3000.00)

All Students 6 September 2019 Final Tuition Payment

U.S. Financial Aid Students
(or other aid-based students)
N/A Contact The EGS Financial Aid Office

Financial Aid

Financial Aid refers to government-sponsored education loan programs. Depending on your country of origin, student loans are made available to help pay for the cost of higher education.

Canada (British Columbia)

StudentAid BC helps eligible students with the cost of their post-secondary education through loans, grants, scholarships, and other programs. B.C. student loans are provided by the provincial government and Canada Student Loans are provided by the federal government. These loans are managed as a single Canada-B.C. integrated loan at the National Student Loans Service Centre↗ (NSLSC).

Canadian Ministry of Advanced Education Student Aid BC School Code

European Graduate School: MQKQ

Canada Financial Aid↗

United States of America

Through the U.S Department of Education’s Federal Student Aid program, citizens and legal permanent residents of the USA may obtain loans to cover the full cost of attendance at The EGS, including tuition, books, room and board, and travel and accommodation expenses. The European Graduate School / EGS is registered with the new Direct Loan Program of the U.S. Department of Education, which makes these government loans available.

U.S Department of Education Federal Student Aid School Code

European Graduate School: G35183

The deadline to apply for Financial Aid for the Academic Year 2018/2019 is: June 30th, 2019. 

U.S. Financial Aid Manual (.pdf)

Other Countries

Please contact your government’s Department of Education or Education Ministry.

Matching Scholarships

For students in the PACT division, The EGS offers a Matching Scholarship program, in which the institution matches money raised by the student up to a limit of $2,000 per student per year. The money to be matched may be raised from any scholarship-providing organization – bank and government loans are not eligible for matching funds. The distribution of matching scholarships depends on available funds and will be disbursed to qualifying students on a first-come, first-served basis.

Click here to learn more, or to complete the Matching Scholarship application form.

Visa Requirements

Students from countries with visa requirements for entry to Switzerland or Malta may request payment confirmation and a letter of enrollment via regular post. These documents will serve as the student’s “letter of invitation” and should be presented when applying for their visa.

For further questions please contact the admissions office ( or the financial aid office (