Accreditation Q & A (with The EGS President)

Question: Will my MA or PhD degree from The EGS be recognized in the USA, Europe, and elsewhere? 

Answer: Since April 2015 The European Graduate School is accredited as an institution of Higher Education within the European Qualification Framework (EQF) by the State of Malta (license number 2015-007). The European Graduate School is governed by The European Graduate School Foundation (EGSF) with a Board of Directors that includes a representative of the accrediting state (Canton of Wallis, Switzerland).  The EGS is accredited and holds partnerships with various well-established universities. Most of our alumni have gone on to teach or work in Higher Education in the USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, and elsewhere. 

Question: Why does the English Wikipedia entry for The EGS indicate that the school is not accredited in some US states?

Answer: The entry on Wikipedia contains inaccurate information regarding accreditation. We are working with the article editors at Wikipedia and have asked them to lock the site until the content can be vetted and corrected.

Question: Will other institutions and Universities recognize my degree when I graduate from The EGS? 

Answer: Yes. Our accreditation information is publicly available on our website here. Further questions can be addressed to me directly at or 

Question: Which session should I choose? Valletta, Malta or Saas-Fee, Switzerland? 

Answer: This will depend on your specific research interests (and in some cases, geographic location as well as availability during the year). Valletta, Malta, the new home to The EGS community, is a vibrant place and has become an attractive choice for most prospective students. Many of our alumni and upper year students also want to switch to this new campus; we welcome this choice and understand the allure of our historic and stunning location at Fort St. Elmo, in its lively Valletta city, surrounded by the ocean. Our Malta session occurs during the beautiful Mediterranean Spring (best time of year to be in Valletta). The overall cost of life in Malta is also lower than in Switzerland, and students will get a 20% discount on Air Malta air fares (code given to students after admission). See the curriculum for the Valletta, Malta session in the Philosophy, Art and Social Art and Literary, Musical and Visual Thought).

Question: Will the faculty be the same in the Spring Session (Valletta, Malta) as the Summer Sessions (Saas-Fee)? 

Answer: No, the faculty and seminars will be different in all sessions. We bring to the sessions different research interests. As the Spring Sessions in Valletta, Malta will differ in faculty and content, The EGS summer sessions have always had changes (we continue the policy that the students do not attend one seminar twice within the first two years of study.)

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