School that spawns activists is to offer courses in Malta

The EGS, as both a community and as a university, is featured in the Times of Malta on January 18th, 2016↗ (or download the PDF↗). The article not only addresses the work of its faculty but also its "tight community of alumni" which includes "influential professors, activists, politicians and artists." 

The EGS President, Hubertus von Amelunxen, discusses the uniqueness of EGS as a non-profit that prioritizes learning and the vita activa; giving students a "grounding" which informs and inspires in them the possibility of facing whatever authority or knowledge they encounter. Further remarking that “if a university is more focused on questions of real estate than curriculum, that’s a problem."

The article expresses the growing excitement regarding EGS' opening seminars in Valletta this Spring, held at the beautiful Fort St Elmo, which is garnering interest both abroad and within Malta. 

Hubertus von Amelunxen emphasizes: "Our faculty is all highly engaged and are here specifically because they are who they are and because they refuse to hide themselves from the broader world." And, it is clear that the broader world is eager to participate. 

Photo by Martin Spiteri Photo by: Martin Spiteri