JUNE SESSION: June 6—8, 2019 in Venice, Italy, June 10—28, 2019 in Saas-Fee, Switzerland 

The opening seminars of the June Session will take place in  Venice, Italy. For their three-day experience in Venice, students will receive credits for a full seminar. Students will travel from Venice to Saas-Fee on June 9th. The Saas-Fee sessions at the Steinmatte campus will feature five seminars in each student grouping. Please write to: with any questions. 

DATE PAS Students LMVT Students
June 6-8 Venice : TBA
June 9 Travel / 8:30 pm: Orientation with Dean Christopher Fynsk at the Steinmatte in Saas-Fee
June 10-12 Mladen Dolar/Alenka Zupančič: two separate seminars consisting of six half-days per Professor — June 10,11,12 & 14,15,16)  Slavoj Žižek
June 13 Assessment / Break
June 14-16 Mladen Dolar/Alenka Zupančič
Avital Ronell
June 17 Assessment / Break
June 18-20 Elie During Sha Xin Wei
June 21 Science Colloquium
June 22-24 Benjamin Bratton TBA
June 25 Assessment/Break
June 26-28
June 29 Assessment / Break
June 30 Departure day

*In the last slot, June 26-28, a Film Director will be announced. Students from PAS or LMVT can choose between any one of the three last seminars in this slot. Students should indicate their choice by writing to:

AUGUST SESSION: July 31—August 23, 2019 in Saas-Fee, Switzerland

(Schedule forthcoming)

OCTOBER SESSION: October 9—November 1, 2019 in Valletta, Malta 

(Schedule forthcoming)

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