JUNE SESSION: June 6—8, 2019 in Venice, Italy, June 10—30, 2019 in Saas-Fee, Switzerland 

The opening seminars of the June Session will take place in  Venice, Italy. For their three-day experience in Venice, students will receive credits for a full seminar. Student accommodations in Venice will be at San Servolo and must be booked by writing to:  or 

Students will travel from Venice to Saas-Fee on June 9th. The Saas-Fee sessions at the Steinmatte campus will feature five seminars in each student grouping. 

If students wish to switch seminars for any reason, they must request this change through Nemanja Mitrovic ( and Sarah Hannis ( one week prior to the start of the session. 

DATE PAS Students LMVT Students
June 6-8 Venice: Carlos Amorales with special guests
(See the Venice Guidebook here for travel/accomodations information)
June 9 Travel/8:30 pm: Orientation with Dean Christopher Fynsk at the Steinmatte in Saas-Fee
June 10-12 Mladen DolarSeven deadly sins: On avarice / Alenka Zupančič: Philosophy through Psychoanalysis: The Real and its Passions
(the seminars by Dolar and by Zupančič are two separate seminars consisting of six half-days per Professor — June 10,11,12 & 14,15,16) 
Slavoj Žižek: Hegel in a Wired Brain
June 13 Assessment/Break
June 14-16 Mladen Dolar / Alenka Zupančič
Avital Ronell: Literature and the Agony of Justice
June 17 Assessment/Break
June 18-20 Benjamin H. Bratton: Supernaut: Planetarity, Autonomy, and/or The Artificial Elie During: The Bergson Lab. First Series: A Philosophy of Real Change
June 21 Assessment/Break
June 22Science Colloquium (Start-time: 10am, Place: Steinmatte / Open to the Public! 
June 24-29 Michael Schmidt (mornings): Being MusicDiane Davis (afternoons): Emmanuel Levinas: Language and Ethics Sha Xin Wei (mornings): Arts of Time / Carlos Reygadas (afternoons): Cinema is art, not philosophy
June 30 Last day

See the June Session Public Evening Lecture Schedule by clicking here

AUGUST SESSION: August 3—26, 2019 in Saas-Fee, Switzerland

See the August Session Public Evening Lecture by clicking here

If students wish to switch seminars for any reason, they must request this change through Nemanja Mitrovic ( and Sarah Hannis ( one week prior to the start of the session. 

OCTOBER SESSION: October 8—November 1, 2019 in Valletta, Malta 

DATE PAS Students LMVT Students
October 8 Arrival Day / Orientation Session @ 8 pm, Ft. Saint Elmo with Dean Fynsk
October 9-11 Sha Xin Wei, Niklas Damiris, J.P. Huang, Christopher Fynsk, Natalie Smolenski, Elie During, Jonathan King, Kenneth Cukier, and Erik Bordeleau: Alternative Economies and Ecologies (“Alter-Eco”) Frank Ruda: Worsenings. Imaginary, Symbolic, Real
October 12 Assessment/break
October 13-15 Angela Davis, Gina Dent, Manthia Diawara: Black Thought
October 16 Assessment/Break
October 17-19 Keller Easterling: Medium Design Peter Weibel: Seminar
October 20 Assessment/Break
October 21-23 Rebecca Comay: Dramaturgy and Dialectic: Hegel, Marx, Beckett
Roger M. Buergel: Seminar with Roger M. Buergel
October 24 Theatre Workshop and Event on Comino
October 25-27 Achille Mbembe / Sarah NuttallCities of the Anthropocene: Lagos, Kinshasa & Johannesburg Robert Brewer YoungThe Thinking of Craft: Poiesis, Politics and Praxis
October 28 Workshop with Holly Herndon and Mat Dryhurst on Music and AI:
Protocols in AI and Music   In this workshop, Holly Herndon and Mat Dryhurst will explicate competing historical visions of the role of machine learning within music, and the implications of those positions in the contemporary musical and technopolitical landscape that informed the composition of their recent album ‘PROTO’. 
October 29-31 Thomas Keenan: Migration and the politics of humanitarianism  Christopher FynskThe Rhythmic Figure
November 1 Last Day

See the October Session Public Evening Lecture by clicking here

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