Video Gallery

Students and Faculty speak about The EGS. To see more videos including seminar and evening lecture recordings, please visit The EGS YouTube Channel↗.



Catherine Malabou

Dean Christopher Fynsk

Michael Hardt

Siegfried Zielinski

Avital Ronell

Elissa Marder

Daniel Birnbaum

Wendy Brown

Terry Smith

Simon Critchley

Geoffrey Bennington

Catherine Malabou

Phillippe Beck

Rebecca Comay

Pierre Alfieri

Christopher Fynsk - Part 1

Christopher Fynsk - Part 2

Rodolphe Burger - English

Rodolphe Burger - French



Nicholson Baker



Nathan Filbert

Dominik Zechner

Hamlin Jackson

Robert Lawrence

Brandon Archambault

Keelyn Bradley

Victor Saadia - Part 1

Victor Saadia - Part 2

Gabriella Levine

Edie Hitchcock

Fady Atallah

Alexander Markham

Ana Banker



Fernanda Magallanes - Part 1

Fernanda Magallanes - Part 2

Fernanda Magallanes - Part 3

Fernanda Magallanes - Part 4

Sharif Abdunnur - English

Sharif Abdunnur - Arabic


Visiting Students

Jessica Ellis

Fernanda Martins